4 Tips for Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney 

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision that anyone can make. Most people associate it with failure, and they would never want to involve anyone in the process. In 2016, approximately 800,00 Americans filed for bankruptcy. Now this tells you, you’re not alone in this quagmire.  After all, life has its challenges. 

Filing bankruptcy without the help of an expert can lead to more errors.  To avoid this, hire a bankruptcy lawyer. But finding a reliable attorney can be daunting. We have discussed how you can hire an attorney.


  • Have a List of the Most Reliable Attorneys 


Insolvency is a stressful situation that everyone dreads to go through. It drains you emotionally and physically. And not everyone understands the process. Hence, making an informed decision becomes a nightmare.  The first step is to get a reputable attorney. You start this by listing at least seven lawyers in your area.  

Check in the phone book, google from the internet, or get recommendations from friends and family members. There are several online resources to find attorneys. Just pick a handful of them to get the ball rolling.

  • Do Your Research Thoroughly

It’s time to narrow down your list. If you want the best food, you must choose the best restaurant. Hence, if you want the best advice on bankruptcy, you must pick the most exceptional bankruptcy attorney charleston wv.  Start your homework by:

  • Ensuring the Lawyers Are Licensed– This is the best way to narrow your list. The legal industry does not condone mediocre due to the nature of the work involved. To get a license, you must be trained and well-educated. Don’t believe word of mouth. Just because someone attended law school doesn’t mean they qualify to be attorneys.

If an attorney doesn’t have an active license, chuck him/her off your list. This will leave 

  • Experience is Paramount – Legal industry is more of medicine field. A dentist cannot handle gynecologist issues. The same as A criminal lawyer cannot handle particulars of bankruptcy. Therefore, ensure the attorney has a successful career in bankruptcy law. Check the firm’s website and read the given information. Ensure you check the education background, experience, years of experience, and bar admissions. LinkedIn is another excellent platform that will help you fish out the necessary details.



  • Set an Appointment


After narrowing your list to about three attorneys, ensure you meet them before hiring one. Bankruptcy is a personal issue, and you need someone you can trust and feel comfortable around them. You can plan for a one on one meeting. Alternatively, you can call directly to the firm and enquire what is needed of you. 

Ensure you have everything organized. You must have your financial data ready. It will help you answer questions candidly. 


  • Ask Questions


Legal terms are hard to understand. If you need any clarification, ask the attorney. Ask the attorney if there is any need to file for bankruptcy. The information you get will help you make an informed decision.  

Final Word

It’s possible to file for bankruptcy without the help of a counsel. However, you might end up making mistakes that will cost you more. Hopefully, this guide will enable you to hire the best bankruptcy attorney.