5 Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing a Family Lawyer

You and your spouse have come to a point where marriage cannot be saved anymore and you are already contemplating for a divorce. You are wondering if you should hire a family lawyer to handle the divorce case. And if you hire a lawyer, how are you going to interview him so that you know he is the right lawyer to hire? The following are 5 questions to ask in an interview with the family lawyer.

Is the Lawyer Someone You Can Trust?

It is better to hire another lawyer if you feel uncomfortable in the consultation. You should be consulting with 2 – 3 lawyers before hiring. When comparing, ask yourself whether the law firm gives you full attention when you contact them. Is the lawyer knowledgeable in all aspects of family laws? Did they promptly send you all the forms you need to fill? Is the scheduling process simple? These questions can help you to determine whether the law firm is qualified to handle your divorce case.

Who Can You Contact When You Have Question?

In many law firms, the consultation is handled by the lawyers. After that, you will be assigned to a paralegal if you have anything to ask. The paralegal is not as knowledgeable as the lawyer. He will not be able to give you good advice in case some events turn up, for example, advice on how to change the strategy of your case. Without direct communication to the attorney, he will only have limited knowledge in representing you at the trial.

How Much Will It Cost?

The attorney should give you an estimate on the charges for handling your divorce case. The cost will be cheaper if the opponent is willing to settle the case amicably. On the other hand, if your ex-spouse is stubborn and want to keep fighting, you will have to keep seeking advice from the lawyer. This will increase the lawsuit cost. It is important to hire affordable family attorneys Dallas TX. If you can’t afford the fees, you will have to change to a cheaper lawyer halfway.

What Problem Do You See in the Case?

In the consultation, the lawyer should offer to evaluate your case for free. After the evaluation, he is supposed to offer insights on your case. A good lawyer will share with you the worst outcome about your case. He will tell you about the problems he sees in your case and give suggestions on how to solve it. He can also give estimates on what you will get from the lawsuit when it is settled. If the lawyer only say a good thing about the case, it means that he is not trustworthy. Bad lawyers will make promises that you can get everything you ask for in the lawsuit.

Can You Give an Estimation on the Timeline?

The lawyer should be able to give you an estimate on how much time it will take to terminate the marriage. The time it takes to settle a case depends on various factors such as local rules, the nature of the case, the parties, and the amount of marital assets involved. However, you must remember that the time is only an estimate. There can be other events that delay the case. Cooperation between both parties can speed up the divorce. If both parties did not want to cooperate, it can take many years for the divorce case to be settled. On average, it will take 3 – 5 months to settle the divorce case. However, it can also take as long as 2 years to settle the divorce case sometimes.