5 real reasons why you need a car accident lawyer

Colorado is a fault state. If you were injured in a car accident because of someone’s disregard for safety, you can file a personal injury lawsuit, to claim compensation for your damages. From medical bills to loss of wages and lost future income, your compensation should ideally cover for most expenses. In case you are wondering whether you need legal advice, check 5 real reasons for hiring a Colorado Springs car accident lawyer. 

  1. Because Colorado follows the modified comparative negligence rule. What happens if you are partially at fault for the accident? Because of the modified comparative negligence rule, you can still file a personal injury lawsuit, but your share of compensation will be reduced by your share of fault in percentage. The other driver and their insurer may try to use your fault as a reason to deny your claims, and a lawyer can help in protecting your rights. 
  2. Because you are unsure of fault. If you are not sure of what or who may have caused the car accident, you will need an attorney to establish fault and liability. Your attorney will do their share of investigation, to find how the dynamics of the car accident can impact your case. 
  3. Because you don’t have much time. The statute of limitations in Colorado allows just three years, from the date of car accident, to file personal injury lawsuits. While that may seem like a lot of time, you will lose considerable time in filing the insurance claim and negotiating with the claims adjuster. 
  4. Because you have suffered serious injuries. It is highly important that you hire a car accident lawyer when your injuries are significant. Serious injuries can leave you with massive losses, and without an attorney, it can be hard to recover a fair compensation. If your injuries are likely to impact your ability to work, your lawyer will ask for a settlement that’s more than just your medical bills. 
  5. Because insurance companies are hard to work with. The claims adjuster will try all possible ways to minimize the amount paid to you, and without legal expertise, you may end up accepting whatever is being offered. Let a car accident attorney negotiate everything on your behalf, and they know when it’s time to accept an offer. 

Check online for best-rated car accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, and make sure that you don’t pay anything to the lawyer right away.