5 Reasons To Be Honest With Your Family Lawyer In Singapore

It is natural for a family lawyer in Singapore to be inquisitive. After all, it is part of their job to learn the version of the story of their clients. And it is not being nosy or snoopy, but the information they can get impacts the case significantly.

However, some clients can be too defensive and secretive and find lawyers’ inquisitions intrusive. Hence, fail to disclose embarrassing and unpleasant information. But sometimes, keeping your lawyer in the dark could only make you lose your case.

Here are the reasons why you should be honest to your family and criminal lawyer in Singapore:

1. They can help your case.

Your lawyer cannot help you with your case unless you provide the information they need. Remember, family law in Singapore works on the details their clients offer to get around the lawsuit or win a favourable court ruling by formulating.

2. They won’t judge you.

It is not in a lawyer’s description to judge you; it is the judge’s job, no pun intended. Whatever you disclose to your lawyer is confidential. They will not be judging you but rather help you with your case.

3. Telling the truth saves you money.

Now, if your lawyer can’t find a strong strategy to defend and appeal your case because you deliberately withhold important information, you will likely lose the case and pay fees.

The lawyer’s bill constantly runs unless they exhaust all the best options to defend your case.

  1. It makes you comfortable.

Sometimes telling the truth lifts the baggage on your chest. Telling lies and trying to be consistent with your make-up stories will only bring you anxiety. It is advisable to be truthful to your criminal law firm in Singapore.

5. Avoids perjury

Did you know that you can be charged with perjury by telling a lie in court whilst under oath?

Remember, your lawyer is there to protect and defend you and reduce your charges.

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