5 reasons to hire car accident attorneys in Los Angeles

People often have the hardest time paying medical bills after an unfortunate car accident. Sadly, crashes, fender benders, collisions, and accidents are not uncommon in Los Angeles. If you ever get injured in a crash, you should consider seeking legal advice. This could be a turbulent time, and it is wise to protect your interests. In this post, we are sharing five reasons to hire car accident attorneys Los Angeles

  1. Because you need to know the limitations and your rights. You have certain rights after a car crash and must also follow a set of standard protocols. For instance, the insurance company cannot pressure you into signing a statement. You should call 911 immediately for medical assistance and must inform the police. There are various other aspects that an attorney can explain in depth. 
  2. Because your claim could be worth more. It is okay to feel shocked and intimidated after a car crash. As you deal with medical bills and financial distress, you could end up accepting the first offer from the insurance company. Your injury claim could be worth more than you think. Your lawyer can investigate the accident and find the true value of your current and future losses. 
  3. Because fault rules are complicated. What happens if you share part to blame for the accident? In California, you could recover a settlement even when you are more at fault than the party you are suing. Let an attorney explain fault rules in depth based on the existing circumstances. 
  4. Because the matter may end up in a trial. Out-of-court settlements are rather common in car accident cases, but some cases need further action. If your crash lawsuit requires a trial, you will need a lawyer by your side. Lawyers know how to negotiate, but more importantly, they can represent you in court. 
  5. Because you have limited time. Waiting for too long for the insurance company could be a bad idea. You have just two years to file a civil lawsuit after an auto accident in California. That’s not a lot of time. Let an attorney take over, evaluate the evidence, and take steps to bolster your case. 

As for the costs of hiring an accident lawyer, you don’t have to pay an upfront fee. All personal injury lawyers in CA work on a contingency basis. The fee is only payable when you make a financial recovery or get a settlement from the other party.