A guide to UKs CBD laws 

There has been news concerning the use of CBD as alternative medicine in the United Kingdom. For instance, the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) has outlined new guidelines for the ACI CBD certification program. The certification will bring out a significant change in CBD usage in the UK. 

There are hopes that these changes will provide assurance for consumers and will provide a foundation for the growth of the CBD industry in the United Kingdom. Dr. Parveen Bhatarah, ACI Regulatory Lead, stated that “the UK has the necessary skill sets and talent in chemistry, agriculture, international business, and the regulatory requirements of the cannabinoid industry.”

The certification will be made up of three tiers that represent compliance with the Novel Foods Administration. The first tier signifies if they have passed ACI’s standards and is secured to have a quality management system. This system operates at the highest level. 

After complying with tier 1, companies must comply with the 2nd tier of the ACI, which is to have their Novel Foods application approved by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). This means that before selling CBD capsules and tablets, you should have the authority from the FSA. 

This is the top-level and will be given to companies that have had their Novel Foods Application authorized by the FSA and EFSA. The ACI will again provide support to its members throughout the process, and the Tier level will be subject to an annual review.

Speaking of CBD laws, here is an infographic from Love CBD in case you have no idea about the regulations regarding the usage of CBD.