Age and social security disability claims- Things to know 

A person suffering from any kind of disability might have to go through serious financial problems due to medical bills, household expenses, various other kinds of expenses, etc. In such cases, the government provides a certain amount under the Social Security benefits programme to ease off the burden on such people. However, most of the applications for such benefits are rejected during the initial stage and therefore, you must fully understand the various documents that are related to age and social security disability claims

Social Security disability benefits age categories

People of any age can suffer from these abilities and can apply for Social Security disability benefits. However, age plays an important role when you submit your application. The Social Security Administration has set up several age categories such as those aged between 18 and 45 are considered as young individuals, people between 45 to 49 are classified as younger individuals, individuals from 50 to 54 are said to be approaching advanced age, those aged 55 and older are said to be in advanced stage and people from 60 to 65 are considered to be approaching retirement age.

Social Security disability benefits age limits

At present, an individual aged between 18 to 65 can receive the benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance, SSDI programme. Social Security disability benefits are given to you as long as you are disabled and once you turn 65, the benefits stop and you start receiving the retirement benefits. SSDI benefits can also stop before the age of 65 if you start earning more income or if you don’t continue to submit the required documents on time.

Also, to qualify for Supplemental Security Income, SSI, your maximum age should be 65 and there is no minimum age limit i.e. you are eligible since your birth.

Age limit for widowhood

For widows, the benefits are provided if you qualify for the disability, you are aged between 50 and 60 and if your current or divorced spouse dies.

Benefits for children with disability

A child who is under the age of 18 and disabled will receive the benefits but usually, the benefits stop at the age of 18 unless they were a high school student or a full-time elementary student until the age of 19 or have a certain qualifying disability.

Disability in adults that begin before the age of 22

Such adults may be eligible for the benefits if their parents have passed away or they are receiving retirement or disability benefits.