Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson Uses Legal Expertise in Visit to Cuba  

When the word “Cuba” is mentioned, for many people, it brings up memories of all the problems that have existed between the United States and Cuba. These bad memories go back to the days of John F. Kennedy, which is the time frame during which the relationship between the two countries deteriorated. The foreign relations between the United States and Cuba were frozen, and as a result, many Americans are unwilling to travel to Cuba. The country, which is not far from the United States in actual distance, is far from the minds of people looking to travel. However, in more recent years, the Obama administration attempted to mend the long-standing strain on diplomatic relations between the two countries. Travel bans were eased, except for the previously established embargo that exists under the Foreign Assistance Act. This embargo, enacted by the Kennedy administration, bans importation either from Cuba or importation that passes through Cuba.

The easing of the travel ban made it possible for a team of high-profile U.S. attorneys and lawyers to travel to Cuba. This trip was for the purpose of studying Cuba’s constitutional and jurisprudence. Anthony O. Van Johnson was part of this team. He has been actively involved for many years in the study of complex legal systems throughout the world, as well as assisting governments and private citizens on legal representation matters. Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson graduated from the Loyola University law school with a Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) He was then admitted to the Georgia District Court, Supreme Country of Georgia, Court of Appeals. He has since assisted thousands of clients, helping them to find justice at all court levels.

Anthony O. Van Johnson studied the legal and justice system carefully while he was in Cuba. He was able to have discussions with reputed legal minds and renowned law professions in Cuba. As a result of these discussions, he was able to take key findings home with him about how the constitution of Cuba works, as well as its improvement over the years from worse to fair. Van Johnson possesses a keen eye for detail and a pursuit of perfection. His superior performance among the group of lawyers garnered him the award of “Certificado” in Havana for his valuable contributions. He was also awarded the Global Leadership Award by “I Change Nations” for his years of humanitarian efforts to impact nations and his considerable contributions to the development of the field of law.


Anthony O. Van Johnson has provided both paid legal and pro bono representation to thousands of clients in numerous legal areas. He has traveled the United States, helping clients with complex legal cases. He has always been committed to the fight for his client’s rights and interests, whether in the area of family law, personal injury, civil litigation, or criminal law.

While in Cuba, Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson was able to connect with some of the world’s leading prosecutors, lawyers, legal system experts, and legal scholars. His interactions revealed that there had been dramatic changes in Cuba’s laws since the Berlin Wall collapsed in 1991. According to his findings, these changes were in response to the needs of a new age. The constitutional amendments of 1992 are one example of these changes. These amendments recognized completely non-socialist economic arrangements, such as those of corporations and ventures. They also guaranteed that discrimination based on religion could not occur. As such, any person can become a member of the Cuban Communist Party without regard to his or her religion.

His visit to Cuba serves to highlight the fact that Anthony O. Van Johnson is extremely knowledgeable about the legal system of Cuba, in spite of the strained relations between Cuba and the U.S. and its allies. As a result, he also has a great understanding of the justice and legal systems of other socialist countries.