Brothers Against Crime: Los Angeles DA & Private Investigators

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office (LADA) is a key player in keeping Los Angeles County safe. It works on criminal and civil cases, from small crimes to big ones, and also looks out for consumer and environmental safety. With over a million people to serve, LADA has a big job and lots of attorneys and investigators spread out across the county to do it.

How does LADA utilize private investigators?

LADA relies on its Bureau of Investigations (BOI), which is like the detective part of their team. BOI helps LADA’s lawyers get ready for trials by digging deep into cases, gathering facts, and sometimes conducting their own independent investigations on crimes in LADA’s area.

Private investigators at BOI do a lot, including talking to witnesses, collecting evidence, doing undercover work, handling legal documents, and sometimes even testifying in court. They work on different types of crimes, like major crimes, fraud, consumer fraud, and family violence, among others.

Why does LADA hire private investigators?

Here are a few reasons LADA might bring in private investigators:

  • They help make sure LADA’s cases are strong and well-prepared.
  • Their independent work ensures that the cases are handled fairly and responsibly.
  • They gather evidence properly so it can be used in court.
  • They bring expertise and high standards to LADA’s work.


The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office benefits greatly from having private investigators. These investigators support LADA’s lawyers by doing in-depth research and investigations into criminal and civil cases. Their work is crucial for LADA to do its job well, which is to ensure justice for everyone in Los Angeles County.

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