Can a GA Sex Offender Live Near Schools?

The sex crimes attorney phoenix az at the state of Georgia wants to make it as difficult as possible for a GA sex offender to commit another crime. Georgia does everything that it can to ensure the safety of its citizens. Convicted sex offenders in the state of Georgia are taken very seriously and are monitored as closely as the law will allow it.

Convicted Sex Offenders Near Schools

In the state of Georgia, convicted sex offenders are not allowed to live within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, playgrounds, gyms, or skating rinks. Most other states have the same types of laws when it comes to registered sex offenders. They believe that it is not necessary for a person with a history of sex crimes, especially against children, to be anywhere near a place where a gathering of children could be.

Georgia Sex Offender Registration

In 1996 a young girl by the name of Megan Kanka was brutally murdered by a convicted sex offender that had moved across the street from her and her parents. Nobody knew that the man that had moved in across the street had been convicted of molesting children and that he had been released back into the community. The crime sparked an outrage throughout the country and shaped the Megan’s Law that we are all familiar with today.

What this law does is require that all sex offenders register within their state of conviction under the laws that govern that state so that the government and the community can keep tabs on them and know where they live and who they are at all times. This way when sex offenders are released into the community everybody has a fair chance at knowing whether or not one lives near them.

The state of Georgia requires that all sex offenders that are released from jail or prison register with their local sheriff’s office immediately. Sex offenders will have to continue to register and keep their information updated regularly for the rest of their lives, or until a court grants them exemption from their crimes.

Georgia Sex Offender Classifications

Sex offenders that are released from prison or jail in Georgia get classified into groups that determine how big of a risk they could be to the community. If they are classified as a level 1 risk they will be considered a lower risk factor, but a level three is a high-risk factor. In some cases, a convicted sex offender will have to wear an ankle monitor at all times so that the police will know where they are at any given moment in the day. In most cases, regardless of the level of risk, convicted child molesters will not be allowed to go near any children for any reason. This means they can’t even be around their own children unless otherwise specified by law or court-ordered stipulation.

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