Can You Succeed In The US Immigration With Dual Intent?

Many people think that once they apply for a non-immigrant investor permit, they will not be able to succeed in the United States of America. However, it is easily possible to jump from such a status to that of a Green Card holder when you approach an advocate, who can tell you how to go about with a dual intent.

How can you go about it?

You can easily apply for immigration even though the visa e2 états-unis is meant for investing in a non-immigration program path. Only an expert would be able to help you out without playing with your feelings. In fact, he would not charge you a lot of money for giving you some guidance. He would tell you how to go about changing the status of your permit and how you can do it without much hassle.

Is having a dual intent allowed?

Yes. It is permitted, and you can state your dual intent of investing as well as immigrating to the United States of America without causing any trouble for your family. You can achieve this both from within as well as without the United States of America, and your children can also enjoy the benefits of the same. You would, however, have to give up some of your rights as a citizen of your country in case you are applying from outside the USA. In case you have a dual intent, then you would need to prove it by filling out form I 508 and submitting it to the relevant authorities.

What else can you do?

You can apply for an EB5 permit in case you have had a sudden change of mind about not immigrating to the United States of America. By investing more money into the American economy, you can get this new type of permit even if you have initially applied under a non-immigrant permit. Alternatively, you can endow more funds to a new business. In other words, you can start your own enterprise within the United States of America, or you can invest in one of the already existing businesses within the country.

Is there any other way out of this?

In case you have applied for a visa e2 états-unis, you can apply for employer sponsorship, which, if granted, can get you a Green Card. However, you would need to be prepared to wait for a number of years until the process helps you come shining through with it. You can alternatively try for family sponsorship. In other words, in case someone who is related to you is already an American citizen, they can sponsor your entire family to get into the United States of America. In case you are highly talented in your field, you can also apply for an EB 1-1 permit, which will serve as your route to obtaining a Green Card. Only a highly skilled lawyer would be able to help you come out of situations wherein you thought it was impossible to get inside the United States of America.