Change of name ads

Most people suppose that name change Process is sort of difficult. However, publication your Name change Notification in newspapers for passport is the simplest . Simplest as name change ad booking are often done on line 

If you follow all the steps concerned in modification of name then it might not take abundant time. it’s better to follow the name modification promotion format for newspaper to induce an ideal ad for you. During this article, we are going to assist you with the method of publication name modification ad which might be used for Passport functions.

The time spent is less and once you know the procedure you dont have to run from pillar to post and you can easily legally change your name.

Kindly Note that the Name change ads Published in the Newspapers published from our end are approved and accepted at the Passport Offices in all seva kendras in Mumbai with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We can say this as we have been Publishing Name change Newspaper advertisements since the last 2 decades

There are several reasons that one sometimes changes the name, but once you alter your name you would like your documents to own the new legal name. Passport being a awfully necessary document, Passport name modification newspaper ad has to be placed whereas applying for Passport. Few of the explanations that individuals apply for online Name change ar as follows

change of name ads 

Changing your previous name to new name as a result of you dont find it irresistible

Change of faith

Change of name once married

Birth Certificate name doesn’t match with alternative Documents

Change of name once Divorce

Adoption (You adopted a toddler)

Online Name change for Minors (under 18)

Surname modification

Online Name change thanks to writing system error …..etc ….etc

Do we need to make deed poll affidavit – Annexure E? Which Newspapers will the ad be published?

Prior to 28th Dec 2016 candidates having changed their names were supposed to make a deed poll affidavit also called as Annexure E and submit it at the passport office. However,s Hon. information minister Mrs Sushma Swaraj has made the process simplier by discontinuing the process of annexure E submission. As of 28th Dec 2016 any 2 documents with corrected names have to be submitted at the passport office and a changed name advertisement needs to be placed in 2 newspapers.

Procedure for online Name change in Passports 

The Procedure for Name change is straightforward and takes simply two steps

1) you wish to have two photo Identity Proofs with Corrected Name (Eg. Pan card or Adhar card or Election card etc) prepared. Self documented copy of the two Documents are needed.

2) Publish a name change ad in two Newspapers (1 native and one national) and submit Original Newspaper copies at the passport office

Change of name ads was designed keeping in mind that an outsized variety of individuals apply for name change ads in newspapers for passports. In such circumstances either the data out there for change of name ads is either incorrect or the price incurred for such ads is very high. 

Applicants are asked to shell out immense amounts to agents  who make the most of the lack of awareness or the pressure that builds up to meet the formality.

Why on-line Name change ?

Online booking of change of name ads relieves the burden of going to the Publication house and booking the ad. we tend to take special care to envision that your name modification ads are revealed within the earliest potential date and newspapers delivered to you reception, so everything happens within the comforts of your home that too for simply 375/-