Common Nursing Home Violations

Although it is a crucial decision when it comes to putting an elderly at a nursing home under the guidance of a set of unknown people in a strange environment which is treated like home, you might want to research the nursing home’s background in general and the number of people they have treated earlier. Additionally, you need to check with the existing staffs’ behavior at the nursing home to avoid unnecessary violations attempted by the nursing staff. 

Most caretakers at a nursing home dedicate their time and make an effort to deliver the utmost care to the elderly residing at their place. Still, violations and mistreatment are some common issues that can occur at any place. Hence, if you find out there was nursing home abuse, you can contact a nursing home abuse attorney to help with the legal formalities.

Here are some of the common nursing home violations:

A nursing home abuse bloomington il can be in any form. If an older adult gets injured due to physical abuse at the nursing home, he has the right to claim compensation for his recovery. Likewise, there are several other cases of abuse and violations. The following are some of the violations that often takes place at a nursing home, which you should keep in mind:

  • Malnutrition: 

Generally, if you buy a food item at a store, you are prone to look for the expiry date of that particular food item to be safe. Likewise, staff at a nursing home is expected to provide food items that are not expired, safe to eat, and healthy only. If the nursing home does not take food-related conditions seriously, leading to malnutrition to the elderly, then it can be considered a violation.

  • Poor medical attention: 

Although most elderly already might have minor issues like joint pain, diabetes, and inability to walk, other foreign infections should not cause severe conditions. For example, if a person at the nursing home falls sick, he should be given medical treatment immediately to recover soon. Failing to provide medical attention early can be looked upon as a violation at a nursing home.

  • Slip and fall incidents: 

Sometimes, even a young adult becomes a victim of a slip and fall accident resulting in breakage of bones, causing fractures. The impact could be massive if it were on the elderly, so the nursing home is strictly advised to ensure that all slip-and-fall causing areas are covered and constructed correctly. Uneven flooring, wet pavement, and loose wires are a few examples.