Don’t Let Financial Trouble Derail You. GM Law Firm LLC Is Out There To Defend You

Facing a debt lawsuit is usually a stressful and challenging experience for many. Especially when the debt collection company is using unfair debt collection practices. Hiring a professional debt lawsuit attorney gives individuals a fair chance of winning the case. Chantel Grant Boca Raton is a committed debt lawsuit defense attorney that goes above and beyond for her clients. Her solid educational background and years of experience come in handy each time she’s representing a client. GM Law Firm LLC has aggressively fought debt collection companies that violate Federal and state laws in their attempts to collect a debt from borrowers. The prevalent fear for most borrowers is drowning in debt and receiving threatening phone calls from debt collectors. Chantel ensures her clients can clear their debt without living a life of fear.

Guarantee Careful and Professional Debt Collection

Chantel specializes in debt defense and violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Each of these laws has stipulations that guarantee the protection of borrowers’ rights.

Her expertise and experience ensure no debt collection company takes mistreats a client who does not fully understand their rights. Chantel has represented countless clients in court and ensured debt collectors use professional debt collection practices to collect debt.

Well Conversant With the Court Process

Some debtors usually opt for self-representation in case of a lawsuit. It is recommended that every borrower facing a debt lawsuit chooses to enlist the services of a committed debt lawsuit defense attorney.

Chantel has represented countless clients over the years. She fully understands the court process and will follow the correct rules and procedures. Above all, Chantel makes sure she researches the case to find instances of unlawful debt collection practices to use as leverage.

Protect the Rights of Every Client

The main reason why debt collection companies use unfair debt collection practices is because most borrowers do not understand their rights. Chantel Grant Boca Raton protects the rights of every client she represents.

There are a number of Federal and state laws that have been designed to protect customers from unprofessional debt collection practices. Clients facing lawsuits involving credit cards, mortgage, hospital bills, or garnishments are better off enlisting the services of an experienced attorney.


Chantel Grant Boca Raton has been in the business of defending borrowers for years, and her track record speaks for itself. She is a transparent and accountable attorney who guides his clients every step of the way. She does not charge attorney fees until the case is won.

Any borrower drowning in debt and facing a debt lawsuit will benefit from Chantel’s experience and transparency. Everyone deserves a debt lawsuit defense attorney who will be transparent and honest with them.

The Backing of a Well-Reputed Law Firm

Chantel Grant Boca Raton is a member of the GM Law Firm, LLC that specializes in defending against creditors and debt collectors. The law firm provides its clients with many viable options for debt defense.

Chantel works alongside equally dedicated attorneys to ensure every case they take up turns out to be a success. Borrowers need lawyers who will go above and beyond to ensure they reclaim their financial freedom.


Many borrowers are overwhelmed by debt or incurred monetary damages due to unfair debt collection practices. Chantel uses her experience and knowledge of the law to aggressively fight for the rights of every borrower that enlists her services. Working with well-reputed law firms gives borrowers a fair chance at winning debt lawsuits and reclaiming their financial freedom. Don’t let financial trouble derail your progress.