Five Common Documents For Overseas Employment

Working abroad is not only an amazing experience but it opens door to international employment pursuits. It is a gateway to opportunities that you can’t explore by confining yourself to a single place. Getting employed at your dream location abroad is like a dream come true. 

If you are planning to settle abroad and continue with the job opportunity you have, keep aside a file of certified documents. Every company needs those documents for their use to verify your candidature. They need legalization depending on the job you have applied and hired for.

It is vital to check whether documents are certified or apostilled failing to that might land your job in trouble. Do prepare, research the location where you will work and reside. On the other end, be ready with five legalized documents needed to certify your identity. 

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Degree Qualification Certificates:

It is the only proof you have for your educational qualification. You need to provide them with the legalized copy as evidence. Overseas employers, on the basis of these documents, access whether the qualification matches their job expectations or not. 

Employment Letters Of Previous Organization(s): 

In addition to providing your qualification documents, it is mandatory to provide the employment letters of your past organization.

Medical Report: A medical report by a doctor is third on the list. It can be a simple letter certifying that you are fit to start for a job.

Criminal Record Check: It is a common practice. Every employer needs a legalized copy of your criminal record check. For Americans, moving to a member country of the Hauge Convention need FBI apostille services to get their documents apostilled. 

Driving License: 

It serves as identity proof. It also assures your driving skills to commute to your workplace.

Use apostille services to smoothly plan your next job venture.