Great Supports Awaiting for Lawsuit Financing


Who wants to assert their rights and file a complaint needs financial means. Very often, the high contentious value as well as the additional costs of expert reports has a dissuasive effect on the desire to file a complaint in the first place. A company needs its cash for its commercial activities and not for complaints which may also go unsuccessful.

The result: they do not file a complaint and waive their damages. This is the starting point for the financing service: After an individual examination, we finance 100% both your legal costs and the fees of your lawyer and experts. Help from the Lawsuit funding company is important there.

Minimize Financial Risks

Competition lawsuits for damages are very expensive. By collaborating with the financing service, your company is entirely free from financial risks.

Save Cash

Liquidity and profitability are essential elements for your business. Threatening under-liquidity can be dangerous for your business. Thanks to the financing of your lawsuit in damages by the financing service, your liquidity is not hampered by legal fees, lawyers and expertise.

Avoid Provisions

As soon as a company considers filing a complaint and wants a trial, the financial risks must be offset by provisions in the balance sheet. This can have negative effects on the balance sheet and affect the business in a lasting way.


The financing of your trial by the financing service makes you independent. We do not only spare your cash but our network of partners also make it easier for you to find lawyers and specialized experts.


the financing service brings together under its roof experience in the fields of economics, law and finance. These excellent skills guarantee you the best chance of getting a good claim for damages.

Credit Service

We offer a global and transparent framework to our customers. the financing service supports companies from the start and until the end of their claim for damages. Our team always keeps an eye on the progress of your lawsuit and also monitors the general development of a procedure against cartels.

The Judiciary receives an amount per judgment . So more judgments, more money, fewer judgments, less money. How much money the Judiciary receives for a judgment depends on the type of case. This method of financing is called output financing.

Why was this method of financing chosen?

It is a fair way. Whoever does more business and therefore does work, incurs higher costs. Price differences between different types of cases make sense: one case takes longer than the other. That way judges can give every case the attention they need. The judiciary is committed to maintaining this funding system. The system protects against interventions, establishes a relationship between the time it takes for a case and the money that the courts receive and the entire influx is paid.