How Are Semi Truck Accidents Different Than Car Accidents?

Even though semi trucks might look similar to bigger cars, they are much heavier. Due to their heavy weight and high speed, semi-truck accidents significantly impact victims in terms of injuries and property damage. Additionally, you might have to go through different claim procedures in semi-truck accidents than in a regular car accident. For example, in a typical car accident, you can directly claim your losses to the owners. However, in a semi-truck accident, you must determine who is liable for york losses and injuries before registering a lawsuit. 

Nevertheless, a semi-truck accident is much more complex than a car accident, so you might need to consult an Ontario semi truck accident lawyer soon after the accident. An experienced lawyer is aware of the state laws regarding a semi-truck accident and will ensure you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries and damages sustained. 

How are semi-truck accidents different than car accidents? 

Here are two ways in which semi-truck accidents are different than a car accident. 

  • Insurance policies are bigger and more complex. 

Since the size, impact, and force of a semi-truck accident is much larger than a car accident, the victim will likely suffer from gruesome injuries. So the rescue policy for a semi-truck accident is almost 50 times more than a car accident. 

However, it also involved additional conditions that might not be present in a car accident case. Remember that a semi-truck accident might have insurance policies that are worth millions of dollars due to the intensity of the injuries and damages sustained by the victims. 

Nevertheless, since a considerable amount, the insurance providers are much sharper and more clever than you will see in a car accident. The insurer will try every possible way to reject or deny your claim; if they cannot decline it, they will reduce the compensation value. 

There are several ways they can reduce your compensation. For example, they might manipulate you, or the case stating your losses are not intense. These individuals are highly experienced and know excellent tactics to manipulate victims. 

  • Higher amounts of laws and regulations are involved.

The majority of trucks you see on roads are for commercial purposes. Since these trucks work commercially, the state and federal differ. Most of these trucks are traveling interstate or delivering or carrying their consignments. Due to interstate traveling, the regulations involving these semi trucks are more strict and greater in amounts.