How ARVATO financial solutions play a catalytic role beyond the success of its clientele companies?

Arvato Financial Solutions Ltd is one of the functional division for Bertelsmannn. They offer a plethora of financial services that includes the scopes of debt collection to clients from the Private and  public sector, across the United Kingdom and across the world. Presently, the company is operating across 21 countries all around the globe. The service framework covers 40 global locations, with a workforce of more than 6000 personnel. Let me tell you that, the Credit Management services by this company covers the scopes of actions, ranging between arrears management to the services of field collection. ARVATO holds association with 8 of the top banks in the United Kingdom, 6 leading Energy suppliers, and 8 top grade water companies in the UK.

What are the various debt management and recovery services offered by this provider?

This scope of service from ARVATO Financial Solutions aims to offer protection against chance of payment failure. I will like to state that, ARVATO helps service providers and companies to escape the instances of financial losses through its Receivable management solutions that helps its clients to step- up the rate of return. The services and solutions offered by this company ensure adequate liquidity, creates better room for investments as well as extend the adequate support to develop and  nurture new markets at the global arena. Most importantly, the services by this company ensures that an unpaid invoice never serve as a cause for the termination of business relationships between your brand and your customers. I would like to mention that, with its customized debt collection services, ARVATO helps its clients to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers, ensuring the effective recovery of the dues.

If I need to speak about the debt collection services offered by this provider, Iwould give a special mention  to the following topics:

First Party Collection

ARVATO understand the importance of retaining a healthy relationship with the customers.  Hence, its First Party Collection services are managed in a manner that never paves the way for discontentment among the brands and the customers. In this regard, you can expect these experts to offer customized innovations as well as comprehensive advices that ensures the recovery of the dues from the First parties. I Feel, this optimize the return flows as well as retaining customers. Presently, this service can be availed across the globe, and some of the top financial organizations and banks are availing this scope of services from this provider.

Debt Recovery services

ARVATO offers smart and effective debt collection services that help its global clients in reducing the figures for bad debts. The provider is known for offering customized solutions that escape the chances of financial losses due to non-recovered debts, and most importantly, the focus is on securing a healthy relationship between the brand and the customers. In my opinion, It will be especially relevant to state that, ARVATO maintain close to 100% success rate in handling these instances. This is what makes the services highly sought-after. To my knowledge ,the company has the right legal and technological framework to ensure that it can handle the debt collection assignments with the highest expertise. The services by this provider is helping their clients to save their resources and time. Most importantly, they can focus on the core and key areas of their business.

Global Collection Platform

ARVATO operates a robust and foolproof platform to manage the collection of the receivable for their clients from all around the globe. Mt research about the company exhibited the fact that, this provider follows a standardized process that involves the participation of the experienced and expert professionals to  handle the collection of the receivable from all around the country in various international currencies. ARVATO operates with a system that complies with the GDPR guidelines. Hence, its clients always stand assured about the safety and security of the platform. The services by this company is helping its clientele organizations to grow globally and manage their resources with the optimum professionalism and expertise. My opinion is that, the process is very simple for the clients as everything happens on this platform just with a few clicks.

How ARVATO’s clients benefits from dealing with this company?

  • Customized process: the biggest advantage in availing the services by this company is that, they opt for the optimum customization. ARVATO believes in playing every single ball as per its respective merit. I found, depending on the actual case, they design a specific and customized process that enables them to  effectively recover the debt, ensuring adequate cash flows, without triggering any chances of churning of the customers, for the reason that they were irritated with the approach of the debt collection agency to recover the receivable. This is why, ARVATO now stands close to a 100% success rate.
  • Expertise to deal with various lines of industries: this service provider is serving clients from all the major lines of industries. Likewise, handling targeted debtors from various industries. As such, they have a precise understanding of various industries that enables them to take the right approach to handle the recovery process.
  • Best advices to the clients and their debtors: an excellent point about the services by this provider is that, they always offer the best advises and assistance to the clients as well as to the debtors to settle the debt recovery process in the right approach. The advices by this provider ensures that the relationship between the brands and the customers are not affected, merely for some unpaid amount.
  • One-stop solution for all debt management services: this provider offers plethora of services related to debt management and recovery, covering the aspects like pre and post litigation, receivable management, as well as monitoring for a long term, in addition to the debt purchase services.
  • International service framework: ARVATO can take up debt management and recovery services, anywhere across the globe.

With ARVATO financial solutions, companies  get the best solutions to reduce the extent of bad debt that enable them to enjoy the maximum cash liquidity, while, they can concentrate on the core areas of their business, with this expert, effectively handling the doable actions with the highest expertise, producing the most delightful results.