How Nan Inc Owner Deals With The Lawsuit Issue?

If you live in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A., then you might know about the whistleblower issue; the Nan Inc. owner wins a lawsuit. If you are not aware of this issue, we will tell you what exactly happens in controversy.

The construction industry is one of the most competitive fields to survive, but Nan Inc got unbelievable experience of three decades. Yes! you read it right, it started in 1990. Most importantly, Nan Inc. gained a reputation from a single man, Nan Inc, Owner and C.E.O. Called Patrick Shin.

More about Patrick Shin

Patrick shin is not a traditional rich man or guy just doing family business. Nan Inc is complete build solely by this man effort and hard work. Also, Nan Inc employees and management help achieve company reputation. Still, unfortunately, Nan Inc. former in-house counsellor Bosko Petricevic brought trouble to the company called the rail-related whistleblower issue. But Nan Inc. wins lawsuit and adopted a new suit to protect the company lawsuit.

Personal Life and Creation of Nan Inc

Nan Inc derived from Mr Patrick Shin’s real name, Nan Chul Shin, for those who don’t know. Although Patrick shin is not a real American, he is from South Korea. He and his family immigrated to the United States of America for financial problems. Patrick Shin used to live in a one-bedroom apartment with his family in that he used to work with his brother on a fishing business in New York. Later he studied at Bowling Green State University, majoring in business administration in Ohio through a lucky winning scholarship from winning a football match.

After finishing their studies, he joined a construction firm, worked for two years, and started a general contractor firm. Patrick shin focus on quality in the business. He didn’t comprise his business motto till date with dedication and determination shin made Nan Inc a premier construction firm in Hawaii, U.S.A.

How Mr Patrick Shin deals with lawsuit issue

In 2004, Former employees of Mr Nan Shin and Nan, Inc. filed a federal Qui Tam complaint against them according to 31 U.S.C. As a result of a comprehensive investigation, the U.S. government chose not to intervene in the case against Nan, Inc. The two plaintiffs who brought these severe accusations against Nan, Inc. voluntarily dropped their case with prejudice after the Government’s inquiry and the U.S. Government’s decision to decline involvement. Patrick Shin and Nan, Inc. and government officials received a public apology from the two plaintiffs and the withdrawal of their case, and furthermore, Nan Inc. owner wins lawsuit. Also, you can see withdrawal notice forms from two petitory circulating on the internet.