If Birth Leave Your Baby with Problems Contact Long Island Birth Defect Lawyer

Did you know that the third highest cause of deaths in the US is Medical Malpractice mistakes? Statistics show that number of malpractice suits that are currently being filed each year in the US various, but the movement overall tends to be rising. Annually the average number of lawsuits filed each year is around 85,000 but the true number of medical injuries is believed to be about 100 million per year. 100,000,000 per year – that means those doctors and other medical professionals make that many mistakes.

Mistakes being made 

That means that doctors are making mistakes when they deliver your baby, doing your surgery, and minor problems such as prescribing the wrong medication for an illness that you might have making the problem worse. And if this has happened to you, and you live in the New York area this is when you need to contact Pegalis, Law Group LLC as this is their speciality mainly in the field of childbirth. One of these Long Island birth defect lawyer will help you with your case. 

Mostly in childbirth

They have found that many of these problems occur with childbirth. If you are a parent of a new baby or a mother who experienced any form of injury such as stillbirth, maternal death, or other disastrous outcome, you have the right to know exactly what happened. If you experienced any type of injury during childbirth or you suspect the process of birth caused you a medical problem years later, you have the right to know exactly what happened,  

Medical malpractice is a legal action that transpires when a medical or other healthcare professional somehow deviated from the standard procedure in their profession and caused injury to a patient. 

A medical professional agrees to help patient seeking medical care; a patient-provider relationship is established. This is the point when a doctor is ethically as well as legally bound to provide a standard of care that is appropriate and follows industry standards. When this does not happen, a patient can file a medical malpractice lawsuit because they have the right to know what went wrong.