Industrial Lighting: What Options Do You Have?

In most industrial facilities, the primary goal is creating the best working environment for high production. To achieve this, one thing you must get right is the lighting. Good lighting makes it easy to work in narrow aisles, tunnels, underground mine routes, and large spaces. If you get it wrong on lighting, your operations are likely to grind to a halt. Here are the main options for industrial lighting.

Indoor Fixtures

These are the commonest types of lighting for most industrial and commercial facilities. The lamps are designed to provide light in extended areas such as loading bays, workstations, workshops, and parking lines. Often, the lamps are installed high in the ceiling to illuminate larger areas with little disturbances. To increase the efficiency of the lamps, it is advisable to consider the models that can withstand harsh working conditions like high temperatures.

Explosion Proof Lighting

In industrial facilities such as steel and mining lines, some of the components are highly explosive. For example, most coal mining facilities have combustible dust that can easily ignite and result in explosions. Other combustible materials in some industries include petroleum, gas, or flammable chemicals. Therefore, the lighting options in facilities with these particles must be carefully designed to reduce the danger of fire. The best options are the explosion-proof lighting fixtures that operate at low temperatures and are dustproof.

Lighting for Hazardous Locations

Does your industrial facility deal with hazardous materials such as nuclear chemicals or flammable dusts like in coal mining facilities? If the answer is “yes,” you need failure-free lighting solutions. Like the explosion-proof lighting, the lighting fixtures should be able to operate at low temperatures and reduce the danger of causing reactions or explosions. Besides, they should also be long-lasting to minimize the costs and risks associated with regular replacements.

Environmental Considerations

As you look for various lighting systems for your facility, it is also crucial to factor the need to go green. Here, the aim is going for the lighting system that will use less energy and promote a green economy.  One of the top options is using LED lamps because they release high-quality light at low temperature, are longer lasting, and can be used on a wide range of operations.

When you set off looking for the right industrial lighting system, it is prudent to only pick the best fixtures. Extra care should be taken if your facility deals with highly flammable or hazardous materials. To get it right, consider working with a lighting expert.