Requirements to be a Notary in California

A California notary bond is a surety bond. It is issued instantly which means you don’t have to undergo any credit check nor is any underwriting required while buying it. This bond is mandatory in the state of California to continue their business of verifying signatures on documents. Notaries usually act as a proof or witness to any kind of fraud in their presence. It is valid throughout California and allows you to operate any place within that state. A California notary bondis a strict legal document and falls under the command of the state of California.

Requirements to be a Notary in California:

  1. A Notary applicant must have completed 18 years of age to be a Notary in California.
  2. He or She has to be a resident of California. People living in California for a couple of years merely cannot apply as you need to hold a Social Security Number or a Green Card proving you are the resident of California.
  3. He or She will have to successfully complete a 6-hour study course specifically approved by the State Secretary. The course is particularly designed for the purpose of becoming a Notary only.
  4. He or She will need to score minimum 70 to clear a written examination approved by the State Secretary.The application of the notary stands rejected in case a person fails in this exam.
  5. There is a strict background check policy that the applicant has to clear. This background check is done by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the CDJ (California Department of Justice).
  6. An applicant must not have committed any crime or misdemeanor involving moral character.

A California notary bond is restricted only to the political limits of California and hence one may not perform any notarial act outside this State.