Secure The Best Interests Of Your Child, Lawyers Lanarkshire  

Child law in Scotland will discuss a wide range of issues, including issues related to adoption, residency and touch, children’s committees, and education. Our attorneys at lawyers Lanarkshire Law Practice have extensive experience in all of these fields and we will provide you with practical advice and support in addition to sound legal advice regarding to child.

Child law expert advice. 

It is critical that the wellbeing of any children after a marriage breakdown is fully considered. It can be very distressing to make such decisions, and we will do our utmost to support you throughout the process. We deal with situations that allow us to avoid or limit interaction where it is no longer in the best interests of a child on an almost daily basis. You can rely on us for reliable and caring child law advice whether on will writing Lanarkshire or without writing any will depends on you.

Were you refused touch unlawfully? 

Sadly, we understand that there may be circumstances where a relationship has broken down and the parent with the child is actually out of spite avoiding interaction with the other parent. We are experienced in enhancing court action in these cases and resolving the situation urgently.

It is important to be constructive. 

We are working for mothers, husbands, and for grandparents we have even successfully received court contact orders too. Although applying for contact with a child as quickly as possible is helpful, several years after the contact ended, we have successfully assisted clients in securing child contact. Contact us at the earliest opportunity to ensure that you have the best chance of success with us.

Would you like to keep the case out of court? 

If your case is ideal for specialist counseling and advice, we will act as a direct alternative to the judge. We can provide professional family and behavioral therapists to deal with your situation and try to solve children’s problems and resolve disputes without having to go to court. We do offer services, where applicable, through Family Mediators and Psychologists.

Different issues of residence / contact.  

The Children (Scotland) Act 1995 is the law governing children’s welfare issues. This law gives all mothers, married fathers and some unmarried fathers parental rights and responsibilities provided that their child was born after March 2006 and that their name was entered on the birth certificate of the infant. The law takes the view that if their parents can make shared decisions about their welfare, it is better for children. When conflicts occur, however, and the parents cannot settle them, the courts will interfere and orders will be given.

Panels of children and adoption.  

Unfortunately, parents sometimes struggle to care properly for their children for a variety of reasons; be it social issues or the behavior of the child. The State must interfere in these situations to ensure that these children are cared for properly. We have significant experience in conducting hearings for children and the lawyers Lanarkshire will guide you and help you in every matter.