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To start divorce proceedings, you must ask a lawyer to draft the divorce petition. Here is a list of documents to provide. Using the best overland park divorce lawyer  is useful in that case.

Creating your divorce file: practical advice

The divorce petition procedure has been simplified. The law reforming justice provides for a modification of the divorce procedure simplification of the vocabulary, information for children, and possibility of moving from one divorce to another. There are, however, some differences between divorce by mutual consent and other forms of divorce. 

You have to start with a lawyer. It is mandatory in the context of divorce proceedings. It is the lawyer who will draft the documents request, summons, agreement etc., will represent his client before the family court judge and will advise his client throughout the procedure. The first step is therefore to find the right lawyer.

Once the husband who wishes to divorce has chosen his lawyer, he must ask him to draft a petition for divorce. It is the filing of this petition which constitutes the starting point of the divorce proceedings. To draft the request, the lawyer needs his client to provide him with all the necessary information and documents. The documents to provide are not the same depending on whether it is a contentious divorce or a divorce by mutual consent.

How much should you budget on average for a divorce?

It follows from what has just been said that it is very difficult to indicate the cost of a divorce in general . We can only reason on a case-by-case basis. The cost of divorce depends on many parameters.

If you decide to divorce by mutual consent and you agree with your spouse on the consequences of the divorce, it is advisable to take a joint lawyer. Packages of a few hundred dollars per spouse 400 dollars to 600 dollars are offered by lawyers.

As long as the case is very simple: no children, no real estate etc. The cost of a divorce by mutual consent can otherwise amount to more than 1000 dollars sometimes close to 2000 dollars per spouse. It is difficult to carry out a contentious divorce for less than 2,000 dollars per spouse. A very conflictual divorce which involves significant consequences for the children and the patrimony can prove to be long and very costly more than 5,000 dollars per spouse.

Whatever the divorce procedure, it is possible to benefit from legal aid. This assistance can be partial or total. In all cases, it is awarded under conditions of resources.

Legal aid: how to request it?

These are the legal aid offices of the Courts of First Instance which manage requests for legal aid. It is therefore to the legal aid office that you must send the necessary documents to make the request, namely:

  • The completed application form
  • The supporting documents requested in the form.

The form can also be collected from the town hall or directly from the law office Lakeland FL in the high courts.