The Right Virtues for the Perfect Visa Lawyer

We are extraordinary, or we are not. However, this is the quality required to be able to claim to apply to the O visa, the so-called artists’ visa, which is only issued to people who are extremely gifted in their field, known and recognized nationally and internationally. How to obtain the O visa? What are its particularities?

What is Visa O?

It’s the visa for extraordinary people. It may seem a bit presumptuous, we grant you. Let’s just say you have to be especially gifted in the arts, education, science, business, sports, or in the television industry and film , and in addition, be recognized in nationally or internationally, just that.

You are extraordinary, let the French community in the USA know by registering your business in the area. The o1 visa lawyer is there with the perfect solution there.

 Visas O, ask your questions

The different O visas: O-1A, O-1B, O-2, O-3

The O-1A visa

It is the visa for people with extraordinary skills in science, education, business or even sport.

The O-1B visa

This visa concerns people with extraordinary skills in the arts or in the television and film industry.

The O-2 visa

It is the visa necessary for people accompanying O-1A or O-1B visa holders. The assistance provided by the O-2 visa applicant must be of necessary assistance to the holder of an O-1A visa; similarly, the assistance provided by the O-2 visa applicant must be essential to the activity of the O-1B visa holder.

This applicant must have such skills that it is necessary that he accompany the holder of the O-1 visa, and his role could not be played by an American.

The O-3 visa

It is the visa for spouses and children with an O-1 and O-2 visa.

Visas O, ask your questions

How to obtain an O-1 visa?

So you have to have extraordinary skills and be recognized nationally and internationally that is to say?

  • In the field of science, education, business or sports, this means that you are one of the few people to be one of the most recognized in your field (well done).
  • In the field of art, this means that you have already received distinctions, that you are recognized in the art world and have a technique justifying your fame.
  • In the film and television field, you must also be sufficiently recognized and above the ordinary to justify an O-1 visa.
  • The documentation to be provided is very dense, including proof of receipt of a prize, a medal, a high salary and any document proving that you stand out from the rest and place yourself among the best and most recognized.

Visas O, ask your questions

Visa O, and then?

The O visa is issued for a period of up to 3 years. It then opens the way to the Green Card, by obtaining an EB-1 visa, which concerns people with extraordinary skills or holders of an O visa.

How to choose the right immigration lawyer?

Immigration lawyers are quite numerous in the United States, so you can narrow your choice by choosing a legal professional who speaks your language, it is essential to understand all the subtleties of what he tells you.