Things to do If you have Falsely Been Charged

Being charged with a crime, which you have not committed, is one of the scariest feelings. Sometimes, you were just present at the place of the crime or you are a friend of someone, who has committed the crime in reality. The policemen may take you to the jail for interrogation as they may have noticed you at the place. In such a case, you need to get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN. He can suggest the best way to get out of this tough situation. You must take the following steps if you have been caught in a similar situation:

Ask the official to talk to your lawyer

You have the right to keep a lawyer on your side if the officials want to take you along with them.  You can ask for an attorney at the time of your arrest. He can protect you from humiliation and irrelevant questioning. They may mistreat you to extract the information from you. An attorney can stop this kind of behavior and ensure that they cannot get the details, which may hurt your case. If there is no lawyer, anything you say in front of the police is not admissible in court.

See the search warrant

If you have been arrested in relation to a search warrant, you have the right to look at it. Before letting them enter your house, you can request to see this document. A valid warrant has the cause of the search mentioned on it. Besides that, it will have the signature of the judge along with the details of what law enforcement officers are allowed to look for. It is highly recommended to check the search warrant properly and inform your lawyer if something does not seem right.

Keep your calm 

One of the most important steps that you should take is to never lose your patience. It has been noticed that people tend to get into conflicts and confrontations when they have been charged. You will get into arguments with police officers and even the accuser. You might want to convince them of your innocence. However, you must control your emotions and let your attorney speak for you. He will prepare the case and communicate on your behalf. 

Getting arrested is the worse experience for any human being. You need an expert’s advice at every step. A criminal defense lawyer is the one who can save you from these hassles.