Top 7 Facts To Know About DWI In Houston

You may think that you are responsible enough not to face any DWI charge. But statistics say that a lot of people suffer through the DWI charges every day and have to pay a hefty fee. There are different laws and rules for different states. Before you appoint any DWI-DUI Attorney Houston, here are some of the things that you should always keep in mind.

  • Drink And Drive Are Not Illegal Till A Limit:

It is a DWI fact that many people do not pay attention to. The sentence ‘Drink and Dive’ is a legal term when you are within your drinking limit, having your full consciousness and could drive like a responsible adult. You could have anything from a beer to a shot as long as the alcohol intoxication stays within .08.  

  • Every Day Is Not Considered To Be A Refusal Day:

Sometimes you may have heard that during the no-refusal day, your blood could be checked to see the level of intoxication. But keeping up with the laws that the criminal defense attorney in Houston tell you about is essential. This would even save your life as recently, the officers have changed their day to day tactic to approach drinking and driving.

  • What To Do When You Get Pulled Over:

It is essential that you know what to do when you are forced to pull over. It is better to give a breathe test than blood results. According to dui lawyer high point nc juries love blood test. But breathe effects are more beneficial for you.

  • Punishments:

The punishment is not severe as you might be thinking for drinking and driving if you do not have a felony case attached to it. It could be anything from injuring someone, killing someone, or having a kid less than 15 with you at that time. If ever you get accused of such thing you should also consider a Criminal Defense Attorney Houston

  • Defense:

One important DWI fact would be to collect substantial evidence in your favor. This would help you and your attorney to solve the case pretty quickly.

  • Listen to your Attorney:

It is essential that you listen to someone well versed with what kind of argument to provide the jury with so that you win the case. Thus always appoint an attorney who is experienced.

  • Accusation:

It is better if you listen to the officer and sit for the breath test without much delay. If you want, you could go to the station for a blood test as well, which would then act as evidence.

These devices you should keep in mind so that you can take complete advantage of your freedom without getting accused of anything on the road.