Types of Workplace Accidents in Jersey City

Workplace accidents are pretty common and uneventful situations that cause damage to the employee or the company’s property. Do you know that you can claim compensation for the injury? The Jersey City personal injury lawyer can play a vital role in getting you the due payment. But people are not aware of the types of damage for which they can file a case. So in this blog, you will learn all about types of workplace accidents. 

Types of Workplace accidents


Overexertion is known to be the second most common cause of job injury. Its common causes are pulling, lifting, holding, pushing heavy objects at the job, jumping from a height, or stepping into a hole. As a result, it can cause medical bills, debilitating pain, and missed work. Some common injuries related to overexertion are-

  • Back injuries- Your back may get hurt due to heavy lifting. The damage can be mild to severe. It can even cause disc displacement or herniation of the disc that can affect your lifestyle in the long run. 
  • Muscle strain-  Muscle strain seems to be a minor issue, but it can restrict you from putting in your best effort at work.
  • Neck injuries– Neck injuries are caused due to incorrect posture of your neck. 
  • Heat exhaustion– It can occur if you work in high-temperature conditions in factories.


It occurs when you either trip or fall due to ice or snow in driveways, parking lots, broken staircases, uneven sidewalks, and wet floors. Some of the injuries caused in slip and fall accidents are- 

  • Soft tissue injuries-  soft tissue injuries are not always apparent. There can be internal bleeding due to injury to organs. It varies from a minor sprain to severe tears. 
  • Head injuries – There can be swelling and bleeding, resulting in a concussion that causes loss of consciousness for a while. So you should never take head injuries lightly and always seek treatment even if the injury is minor.
  • Fracture– When you fall, your bones may break, which can be scary and painful. 

Repetitive motions 

The repetitive motion causes chronic back or shoulder pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. It happens when you keep on doing the same movement continuously. It can result in the following injuries-

  • Tendinitis- Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon, which is a fibrous tissue connecting bones and muscles.
  • Bursitis– It is inflammation of bursae that are tiny sacs that prevent friction between bones and tendons. 


If you are injured at the workplace, you should seek compensation for the same to compensate for the financial loss caused due to medical bills and lost wages.