Ways To Get Clients as A Lawyer: Thanks to Google My Business

Google My Business is a platform created by Google to promote your law firm locally for free and help in bankruptcy attorney marketing. Linked to Google Maps, this tool allows you to create your firm’s file containing the name, address, contact details, opening hours, a description, and reviews left by your clients.

As soon as your name is searched on Google, this card will appear to allow prospects to contact you easily. This is often enough for law firms that do not have the will to invest online, especially in creating a website.

The other benefit is the appearance of your listing on general queries. For example, if you are a Labor Lawyer, your file will be offered to customers who have searched for the term “Labor Lawyer.”

However, its scope is limited. Firstly, limited geographically since the objective is to offer Internet users services in direct proximity. Do not expect to appear on the “Lawyer in Paris” request if your firm has an address in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Limited in terms of visibility in search results. Only the first three cards appear in the results. The ranking is based on geographic proximity, relevance to search intent, and the number of reviews written on your Google My Business page.

This is also the sinews of war. The more reviews you have on your profile, you will be more visible. It is, therefore, crucial to put in place a strategy for acquiring opinions. In particular, send an e-mail to your customers to encourage them to write one. More details on my article:  Lawyers attract clients for free thanks to Google My Business

Google My Business listings are widespread today, so it is advisable to call on a natural referencing professional to increase visibility. I can create, optimize and manage your Google My Business listing, contact me.

Expect negative reviews; it’s inevitable. Hence the importance of drowning them in a flood of positive opinions. Each review, negative or positive, must get a response from you to demonstrate to Google that you are interacting with your customers. Be careful with the answers you provide; I can only advise you to call on an outside third party to help you write an answer. Contact me if needed.

Indeed, many customers only consult negative reviews, and how you respond is a way for them to form an opinion on your support. Detach yourself from this answer by getting advice from an outside person. Contact me if needed

Finally, Google My Business is designed as an information platform for customers like in growlawfirm.com. It is possible to post mini-articles to share information with your customers.

Although free, this tool creates a dependency on Google, which overnight can decide to distribute no longer your listing, which will impact your turnover. This is why it is strongly recommended to use this tool in addition to a website, over which you will have total control, and to use all the platforms at your disposal, such as social networks, to avoid dependence on a single source of customers.