What Are the Four Major Reasons for Construction Mishaps in Syracuse?

We all know that construction is an industry that witnesses a lot of accidents and injuries. Though this cannot be completely avoided care must be taken to avoid any major problems. Here we are going to talk about the main four reasons that can lead to life-threatening injuries.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the main four reasons for injuries include:

  1. Fall accidents
  2. Electric hazards
  3. Being struck by any objects
  4. Caught in between any objects

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Fall Accidents

Workers working at the construction site, are very much prone to falls because they have to work 100 meters above the ground. So, when safety equipment like harnesses, safe catwalks, secure scaffoldings and other safety things are not given then the workers can suffer from the risk of tripping or slipping. In such cases, the workers can ask for compensation from their employer.

Electric Hazards

At the construction sites, workers are exposed to live wires and electricity when they are performing their duties and jobs. This leads to around 8.5 % of deaths happening in the construction industry. Thus, the construction workers must provide proper lockout and tag-out procedures to prevent such kinds of accidents. 

Being struck by any objects

Workers at the construction sites are more prone to objects that might be falling, swinging, rolling or flying and can hit their head causing injury. It also depends on the size of the object and with what intensity and speed it is falling as it can be fatal to the person whom it hits. If it hits the head then this can also lead to brain injury. This causes around 8.4 % of deaths that are caused in the construction industry. 

Caught in between any objects

This happens when the worker is caught or squeezed between the two objects leading to injury or even death. This includes situations when the worker is buried under the building or the trench that is collapsed on him. This is a very dangerous situation for construction workers. Around 1.4% of deaths happening in this industry can are caused by this reason. Injuries like brain injury or permanent limb damage can also be the result of this accident.

Thus, in such a situation, compensation needs to be given to the worker as financial help which can benefit him and his family.