What Happens When Worker’s Compensation Is Approved?

When a worker is injured on the job, they may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can provide financial support for medical expenses and lost wages while workers cannot work due to injuries.

If you have been injured at the workplace, it will become necessary for you to hire a Workers Compensation lawyer, as the process of claiming workers’ compensation can be complex. While most workers know how to file a workers’ comp claim, they need to know what happens after the employer or the insurer has approved the compensation. 

What exactly happens when a worker’s compensation claim is approved?

Here is a breakdown of the process of how workers’ compensation is applied and approved:

  • The worker reports their injury to their employer. 

The worker must report their injury as soon as possible after it occurs. In some states, the worker has as little as 30 days to report the injury. The worker should provide as much information as possible about the injury, including when and where it occurred, how it happened, and any witnesses to the incident.

  • The employer reports the injury to the workers’ compensation insurer.

The employer must report the injury to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier within a specific timeframe, usually within a few days of the injury being reported to them. The insurance carrier will then begin the process of evaluating the claim.

  • The worker receives medical treatment. 

The worker may be required to see a doctor chosen by the insurance carrier. This doctor will assess the worker’s injury and determine the appropriate course of treatment. The worker may also be able to choose their doctor, although this may depend on the laws of the state in which the injury occurred.

  • The insurance carrier decides whether to approve or deny the claim. 

The insurance carrier will review the worker’s claim and the medical evidence to determine whether the injury is covered under workers’ compensation. If the claim is approved, the worker will begin receiving benefits. If the claim is denied, the worker can appeal the decision.

  • The worker begins receiving benefits. 

If the claim is approved, workers will receive benefits to cover their medical expenses and lost wages. These benefits may include medical treatment, prescription medication, physical therapy, and disability payments. The number of benefits the worker receives will depend on the specifics of their injury and the laws of the state in which the injury occurred.

  • The worker returns to work. 

Once the worker can return to work, they will begin receiving their regular wages again. In some cases, the worker may be able to return to their previous job, although this may not always be possible due to the nature of the injury. If the worker is unable to return to their last position, they may be able to receive vocational rehabilitation to help them find a new job.