What to Expect from A Dog Attack Case?

Pet owners must follow steps to prevent their dogs from attacking a human. This includes steps for preventing dogs from roaming freely around the neighborhood and limited contact with others. Pet owners face certain liabilities if their dog attacks a human, and they could become the defendant in a lawsuit.

Reporting the Attack to the Authorities

The victim must report the dog attack to the animal control officer to allow them to complete an investigation of the accident. The animal control officer will arrive at the location where the attack happened and evaluate the animal when possible. If the victim knows who owns the dog, they should provide this information to the animal control officer. If the animal was a stray, the animal control officer will search the area for the animal and capture it if possible.

Seeking Medical Assistance for Injuries

The victim of the dog attack will need to get medical treatment even if their injuries are minor. If the dog had rabies, the victim is at risk of contracting the virus, and they must be tested for the virus. Medical records that show the victim’s injuries will help the court make distinctions if the victim files a legal claim.

If the victim developed a disability because of their injuries, they may have a chance to get lifetime earnings if they win their claim. A Dog bite lawyer helps victims review their options for collecting compensation.

When are Quarantines Required?

If the Dog bit lawyer was not vaccinated, the animal control officer will force the pet owner to surrender their pet to a licensed vet to complete a 12-day quarantine. The vet completes an assessment of the dog to determine if they are infected with the rabies virus or exhibits any signs of aggressive behaviors.

The animal control officer receives a report from the vet and determines what happens with the animal. The pet owner must pay the full cost of the quarantine, vaccinations, and a fine for failing to vaccinate their dog.

What are Strict Liabilities in Dog Attack Cases?

A strict liability applies when a dog has a previous history of attacks involving humans. If the animal control officer finds previous reports, they may choose to euthanize or rehome the dog. Under the circumstances, the pet owner failed to prevent another attack, and the dog may have a history of aggressive behaviors.

What Can the Victim Expect?

The victims can expect to receive money to cover their medical expenses and recovery of lost wages. Some pet owners may file a claim through their homeowner’s insurance policy to provide coverage for the victim’s injuries. If they do not have coverage, the pet owners will have to pay out of pocket if the victim wins.

Pet owners are required to maintain control over their dogs and prevent an attack. They are required by city ordinances to use leashes whenever their dog is outside of the home or place the dog in an outdoor enclosure. Victims of dog attacks can learn more about the pet owner’s liabilities by contacting an attorney now.