What You Need to Know Before Taking the Services of a Criminal Defense Attorney

It is very stressful even if you or your family member is facing minor misdemeanors. You have to spend your hard-earned money to defend yourself in the court.http://www.fullerandwhite.com.au/ will protect your rights and help you come out clean.

Start your search

Even a small criminal case will take your peace of mind. People who are charged with a minor crime can be can be confined up to one year in jail. A felony conviction will make you lose your job and make it difficult to get professional licenses and permits.

Evaluate your financial options

Before taking the final decision, you need to check the reputation, availability and cost of the attorney. Make sure, that how and when you can talk with your lawyer. Your defense lawyer may charge on per hour basis. If you want a solo practitioner for your case, then make sure to ask before hiring the services. On the other hand, a solo practitioner has limited resources because he has to spend much of his time in the court. Whereas http://www.fullerandwhite.com.au/ has assistants and clerks working for them who are aware of the law, they will satisfy your queries related to your case.


Practicing lawyers are licensed; you need to make sure that your chosen lawyer has a good professional reputation. The client list is confidential, but you can get the list from online dockets of public records. This will also help you understand about the cases your lawyer is handling.

You can also search online by using the clients and attorney’s name to find the records and opinions. This will help you determine whether your chosen lawyer has a good reputation or not.

You have to use words like complaint, fraud and scam in the search string. This will lead you to online websites, which have blogs and complaints. You need to check these complaints. In a criminal case, emotions are high, this is the reason clients and their families post their opinions on the websites especially when they are unhappy with the result.

Check the agreement

You need to check the agreement whether lawyer is charging a flat fee. Provide all the necessary details and do not hide anything from your lawyer. Staying honest with you will help in building a strongcase; you will get a good representation in the court.

Ask your lawyer what will be the terms and conditions for the payment, if you want to terminate the agreement.