A certified translator is a person who is basically bilingual or multi-lingual, having a proper document issued by a recognized institution, certifying his/her knowledge and experience in two or more languages. The work of a translator is to translate documents and papers from one language to another language, keeping the meaning and the motive of the text intact where the translator accepting responsibility for its accuracy.

There are different parameters for being a certified translator in different countries for different languages. the certified translators work in many different fields such as converting official documents in the international market for business purposes, translating different manuscripts or folk writing for media productions, translating legal documents, etc.

While on the other hand, a Translation agency is a well-based professional company, which employees a number of certified and non-certified translators depending upon their knowledge in particular languages. A translation agency does the same work as a certified translator but with a different form. A translation agency consists of many translators, and then there are managing officers above them, in a proper systematic way.   

A Translation agency works in an oriented way. The document to be translated is translated by a team of professionals and then checked multiple times by multiple people reducing the error possibilities to almost negligible. A translation agency posses translators varying from different backgrounds who are experts in a different field such as technology, legal matters, medical, sports, etc. thus your documents get translated by a person belonging to that particular niche. As you too know that it is very difficult for any individual translator to know about each and every field. Thus a translation agency can prove to be of great help rather than a particular individual.

After the completion of the translation of a document from a translational agency, the document receives a certificate from the agency, not from a particular individual translator. Thus the value and authentication of the document increase by many folds. Also, the agency is responsible for its image and status in the market, thus to hold that position and ensure clients, they are determined to cater and foster each of their client’s needs in proper time and in a proper manner with minimum possible errors.

One must be very careful before choosing an individual translator or a translation agency. There are a lot of good and reputed translation agencies present in the market to choose from but always do your research before selecting anyone.