Why is Mediation a Better Approach to Separation and Divorce than Approaching Court

If you are going through a miserable time with your family and your spouse and thinking about separation or divorce, before taking this drastic step, you should go for the mediation process. 

Instead of hiring a lawyer, you should hire a third party who will help you both get out of this misery. This third party is a mediator. The mediator won’t make any decision for you but help you resolve issues and disagreements that are affecting your marriage.

About The Process Of Mediation

If you want to contact a mediator, you have to go through the usual procedure before meeting the mediator, like you have to make a telephonic conversation and tell the mediator about your problem and why you want to meet him. 

Then fix a date and go there with your spouse. All the meetings will happen in a comfortable office room or in a conference room, where the mediator will explain to you all the process. Through various mediation information and assessment meeting, it becomes easy to resolve your problems and issues.

How Is Mediation Beneficial?

There are many benefits to mediation. They are as follows:

  • Mediation is very cost-efficient; hiring a lawyer is more expensive than going to a mediator. Going to a mediator will help you resolve your problems than to a lawyer.
  • The mediation process is very personal; the mediator will never keep a public record and won’t share your information with anyone.
  • The mediation process will act like a bridge and also help you to communicate your problems to your spouse.
  • Through all the mediation information and assessment meeting, it will help both of you to arrive at a conclusion and resolve your issues with your ideas regarding your situation.

How To Find A Mediator?

Here are some tips that will help you find the mediator. They are as follows:

  • You should check online in order to get relevant information about mediation and mediation process.
  • Before going to a mediator, you should thoroughly check the profile of the mediator, his experience and see if the mediator is suitable for you.
  • You should call your local mediation center and ask for a mediator.
  • You should call the local legal aid office to know about the mediation and for any recommendation.

Giving time and speaking out all your problems calmly will help you resolve conflicts. Thus, you should go for the mediation process and solve all your problems for a better future.